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Picture of cave with mysterious light filtering through the opening

Quote for the EPK

Marginalia's first single is Dances You Absorbed. The song starts with a curious whistle like a ringtone, calling the listener in for a memorable night spent with strangers who will soon be friends. An uplifting house beat, and catchy chorus keep the good vibes flowing all night.

Release Details

Artist Name: Marginalia

Location: Canada (Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal)

Release Title: Dances You Absorbed

Musician Names/Instruments: Veronica Baron (vocals), Brett Cairns (vocals, electronics, synths, drums), Matt Legge (electronics, synths, drums)

Producer Name(s): Brett Cairns, Matt Legge

Genre(s): Electropop, Electronic, Ambient, House, Trap, Electronica

Tracklist: Dances You Absorbed

Musical Influences / Similarities: Blue Hawaii, Braids, Labyrinth Ear, Purity Ring, Sea Oleena

Artist Contact Email:


Dances You AbsorbedMarginalia
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